By mc solar (September 10, 2009)

Distributed network effect: similar to home size fuel cells but utilizing natural gas instead, two German companies, an energy group Lichtblick, and Volkswagon, the auto manufacturers, are proposing they team up to build small single home sized gas generators that produce heat, hot water, and electricity:

The Hamburg-based renewable energy group Lichtblick and its automaker partner Volkswagen say the [home sized gas generators] plants would produce not only heating and hot water but also electricity, with any excess power fed into the local grid. The two firms said the concept of “SchwarmStrom” (literally, “swarm power”) would allow Germany to abandon nuclear and coal power stations sooner and help compensate for the volatility of renewables like wind and solar power.

Clearly a pretty ambitious move: the programme will attempt to build and install 100,000 of the mini plants, producing a total of 2,000 megawatts of electricity, the same as First Solar / China’s Solar Farm in the Mongolian Desert. It looks like everyone is aiming for the 2k megawatt mark, an easy number to try and hit because its the amount of energy two nuclear power plants generally produce.

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