By mc solar (September 30, 2009)

A recent report from the NY Times on renewable energy and its over-reliance on large volumes of water has highlighted another major stumbling block for widespread adoption of new, green power generation technologies:

Here is an inconvenient truth about renewable energy: It can sometimes demand a huge amount of water. Many of the proposed solutions to the nation’s energy problems, from certain types of solar farms to biofuel refineries to cleaner coal plants, could consume billions of gallons of water every year.
“When push comes to shove, water could become the real throttle on renewable energy,” said Michael E. Webber, an assistant professor at the University of Texas in Austin who studies the relationship between energy and water.
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Although the article doesnt mention it, one solution might be to just turn off the water currently being used for coal and oil fired power generation plants, although it might be easier just to use a magical sorcerer to pull invisible water off another mystical plane. But then, we could just have them transmogrify manure into clean coal, yeah!

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