Two Billion for US Solar: Green gets a Boost

President Obama will commit almost $2 billion from the $862 billion economic stimulus plan for new solar plants, one of which will try and create the largest solar plant in the world in Arizona. The President announced the money as part of his urging to bring new industries to the U.S., stating in his radio [...]

Vertical Farming gets Corporate Boost?

Straight out of Portland, Oregon, comes a bold, can-do entrepreneurial, science and engineering based attitude straight out of the 1950s, recently almost completely lost to the American bipartisan (albeit, mostly Republican anti-science) innovation squashers: via NYT: There are questions about whether the efficiency efforts will work as designed. “Most of what we put in our [...]

Solar Updraft Towers: Bad Idea?

A recent move by an Australia based company EnviroMission to build a set of solar updraft power generating towers ranging over hundreds of acres in La Paz County, Arizona raises questions about adding in more superheating generator solutions into the energy equation. While a couple of towers, which require converting a whole lot of acreage [...]

Melting Greenland Glaciers, Olaf Becker Photos

A post at the New York Review of Books [link] on the photographs by Olaf Otto Becker gives a breath of fresh perspective, outside the numbers and political/economic arguments dominating the current Copenhagen talks… just the pictures and simple observations of change. From the post: Lining its banks were millions of cylindrical holes full of [...]

Calif Geothermal Drilling Stopped after Basel

The Geysers program of deep rock drilling and fracturing for access to geothermal heat sources took a hit today when AltaRock let the federal government know they would no longer be pursuing the california Geysers project: In fact, AltaRock immediately ran into snags with its drilling, repeatedly snapping off bits in shallow formations called caprock. [...]

Dow Chemical Solar Rooftop Shingles

Its being reported that Building Integrated Solar Photovoltaics is getting a push forward with Dow Chem putting out a line of solar rooftop shingles starting in 2010: Dow Chemical said on Monday it would begin selling a new rooftop shingle next year that converts sunlight into electricity — and could generate $5 billion in revenue [...]

Renewable Technology Water Demands Threaten Water Tables

A recent report from the NY Times on renewable energy and its over-reliance on large volumes of water has highlighted another major stumbling block for widespread adoption of new, green power generation technologies: Here is an inconvenient truth about renewable energy: It can sometimes demand a huge amount of water. Many of the proposed solutions [...]

Methane Increase Caused by Arctic Warming, Tropical Rain

A new study on atmospheric methane causes and increases over the last twenty years is due out in this Septembers American Geophysical Union’s Geophysical Research Letters. The study looks specifically at the causes driving atmospheric methane increases, which grew in 2007 and 2008 after a ten-year static, near zero growth period. Methane is a secondary [...]

Land Use Digest: 9/21/2009: Wind, Luxury Resorts, Solar Farms, Biofuel Production

From around the web: Western Wind secures 24 year right of way extension for Mesa Wind Farm and the right to expand from 30MW to at least 50MW [link] Plum Creek has passed another round of regulatory approval for a round of Luxury Resorts in Moosehead, Maine [MPBN] Canada’s Environment Minister Jim Prentice Says December [...]

Swarm power (SchwarmStrom) Home Generators

Distributed network effect: similar to home size fuel cells but utilizing natural gas instead, two German companies, an energy group Lichtblick, and Volkswagon, the auto manufacturers, are proposing they team up to build small single home sized gas generators that produce heat, hot water, and electricity: The Hamburg-based renewable energy group Lichtblick and its automaker [...]

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